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Report a Spill

To report a sewage spill, use the contacts below. Remember, sewage spills don't all look the same. From gushing water to slow leaks or mild odors that take time to notice, call right away if you have even the slightest suspicion there might be a sewer spill. The longer sewer problems go unresolved, the more serious they become.

Area Number
Carmel / Pebble Beach (831) 624-1248
After hours: Carmel Police at (831) 624-6403
Castroville (831) 633-2560
Marina (831) 384-6131
Monterey (831) 646-3921
After hours: (831) 646-3914
Monterey County (831) 755-4800
Pacific Grove (831) 648-5722 ext. 200
After hours: (831) 648-3143
Salinas (831) 758-7233
Seaside / Del Rey Oaks / Sand City (831) 899-6825
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The Southern Monterey Bay Dischargers Group is a consortium of wastewater collection system owners and wastewater treatment jurisdictions located in Monterey County. Collection system owners are responsible for maintaining their sewer lines and preventing overflows to protect the public health and the environment. Public education is a component of their comprehensive programs.

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